Monday, May 14, 2007

Woodbury: Plan A and Plan B are announced

(July 9, 2007)

I just got email from Woodbury University...interesting.

All Woodbury students of Senior status will have their transcripts re-evaluated to determine which students will have their degrees conferred under emergency circumstances and which will not. The cut-off point as far as units completed has not -- and I repeat, NOT -- been determined. Please do not bother Admissions because they will be operating under strict guidelines which the Board and the Academic Senate will determine. There will be no exceptions made for hardship. We are all suffering hardships due to the Current Situation.

There also has been no decision made about the Fall 2007 semester. Summer 2007 semester will be wrapped up and "Credit" grades given on coursework if the current heat wave continues much longer. The costs of keeping the electricity on at Woodbury are mounting, and there is not enough of a student population to warrant keeping things running even with Summer schedules.

Workstudy programs, except for the most crucial student workers, will be cancelled. Workstudy students must be laid off first before hired workers. Please understand this decision: we are not playing favorites.

You will be notified more than one way about these vital decisions. Thanks to those students who have given their mobile phone numbers so far: we need everyone to submit the mobile phone form right away because Short Message Service (Text messaging) will be our first-line means of contacting you. Next line will be email, then landline phone number, then parents. We will maintain student confidentiality when dealing with parents, but hopefully we can contact you one way or another before falling back to that option.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.
Student Affairs Staff, Woodbury

Since I was able to get a waiver to "walk" with the Class of 2007, I will probably be likely to be one of the students that have their degrees confirmed under emergency circumstances. But one never knows. They might get picky.

This is certainly interesting news, and gets me off the hook for my work study. As if I could keep it going now that I'm in Duarte with no way of commuting to Burbank.

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