Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Especialisto X communique.

(August 30, 2007, second post)

This is what I got in my email box. I will not reveal the email address but it came from the Cingular domain. This is intense stuff.

Hey. Especialisto X here.

1st & last comm 2 u. Risky 2 do more. Army. Pvt. UCMJ susp. in Watts restrict. zone. Summ. exec. 4 media leaks.

Cas figs way off. 5K-7K dead, 10K to 15K wounded. Pulped bodies in craters. We may never know how many ded.

Much labor on AC FEMA. Pressure 2 finish quick. Camp res. "Earning their keep." 90% Blk/Ltno men. Occas Wht. Some chn gng, some not.

+ly devst'd.

Lt. L. telling truth. Orders hi up. C in C signoff prolly.


Here's my sense of what Especialisto Equis is trying to say.

This is my first and last communique to you. It's risky to write again. I'm in the Army, I'm a private. Unified Code of Military Justice has been suspended in the Watts Restricted Zone. Summary executions are the punishment for media leaks.

The casualty figures reported to the press are way off. 5,000 to 7,000 casualties. 10,000 to 15,000 wounded. Severely mutilated bodies in the craters left by the bomb. We may never know how many died.

Much of the labor on the Alameda Corridor is from FEMA. People who have been relocated to FEMA camps are being forced to work to "earn their keep." 90% of the laborers are either Black or Latino. Occasionally there are a few non-Hispanic Whites. Some are chain gang labor, some are not.

I am positively devastated by what I see here.

Lt. Logan is telling the truth. Orders are coming from high up. The Commander in Chief probably signed off on this.

So there you go. Someone trusted me enough to entrust me with their information. I'm sure this is a big risk to post this, but it's now my responsibility to get it to you.

I do not know who this person is. All I know is the communication came from a Cingular cellular phone. That's it.

I hope that Especialisto Equis does not get in trouble for this. He's a brave guy. Braver than me.

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