Sunday, May 13, 2007

Celebration IV feels like it was the last hurrah.

(May 30, 2007)

I just got done with the big geek event...Celebration IV. A huge convention of Star Wars fans in Downtown LA, at the Convention Center. A lot of people couldn't make it because of the emergency surcharges on plane travel. Tom Reed called me via cell phone and told me not to expect him for San Diego Comic-Con. I'll probably not go either, considering the emergency.

We are going to live one more month here in Panorama City and take it day to day. Richie's doctor is talking about bringing a pump down here and having a nurse teach me how to give him his chemo. They are trying to figure out ways of keeping the outpatients outpatients. The bus rides have been swell but they're going to stop soon. And the manufactured housing is being trucked onto areas of City of Hope where once only statuary and grass stood. Those who can't fend for themselves without help are being "cottaged" on campus. We don't want to unless it's totally necessary.

Metro just announced the second emergency bus fare increase. Just as I got used to $5/day for a daily pass, they're talking about $7 as of June 1st.

Then again, oil is $5 a gallon now, for unleaded. And it keeps on going up.

May the Force be with us all.

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