Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Picture in Southwestern Los Angeles ugly, getting uglier.

(Sept. 1, 2007)

Let's sum up the new, ugly picture out of Southwestern Los Angeles, which seems to be the most afflicted part of Los Angeles County.

1.) The body count from the Watts Bombing is dramatically understated in what remains of the media. We are looking at the worst case of terrorism on US soil, period.

2.) The Alameda Corridor is being furiously worked on to to fix. Not only is China concerned, but we mustn't forget the 49th State of the Union, Hawaii, which is exquisitely dependent on goods from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Freeway and light rail damage will be dealt with later.

3.) Some of the labor is apparently being performed by individuals in neon orange jumpsuits, which are marked, in bold letters, FEMA. Some of these individuals appear to witnesses to be shackled together, chain-gang style. Some are not shackled. However, all of them seem not to be volunteers, but to have been "volunteered" in some way for their duties. Rumors of a sinister aspect to the FEMA relocation camps seem to be proving to be more than rumor.

4.) The assertions made by Lt. Logan through his Naval defender seem to be backed up by others. He may very well been acting on orders from superiors. The suspicion is that the clearances went all the way up the Chain of Command...make of that what you will. This suggests that Logan is being set up to take the fall for a decision made way above his station.

5.) The cordon around Watts is very tight, and the Uniform Code of Military Justice is being ignored in the case of those servicepersons who might leak information about ops in Watts. Meaning: drumhead courts-martial and summary execution as punishment for leakers.

6.) This all raises the question: Cui bono? Who is benefiting from this? Who is benefitting from the destruction of vital infrastructure in Los Angeles? Who is benefitting from the use of FEMA relocatees for labor? That's the $64,000,000,000 question here. I will leave that for you to ponder.

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