Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Support is appreciated...no thanks to the Gov't.

(August 26, 2007)


Thank you, thank you, thank you, all the folks who have been sending messages of support. It does matter, to all of us.

The fence seems to have made a difference...people are relaxing more. There were tent, trailer and cottage inspections, and the staff has succeeded in disarming the patients and caregivers, except for those with Law Enforcement backgrounds. Those folks who are healthy enough to do so are now pulling sentry duty. It is comforting to know we aren't entirely disarmed, that the folks who are qualified to have guns have them in case of evil bastards paying us visits, like the KKKlowns and the stalker ex-husband.

Velcade situation: everyone who has that for chemo has been told that there is a 4 month supply for everyone. Dr. Forman is cautiously saying that Richie will not need more, that full molecular remission (no myeloma-generating stem cells found in bone marrow biopsy) is more than possible in that time.

David Geffen and George Soros made an amazing donation to the City of Hope: a huge cache of photovoltaics, storage battery arrays, and co-generation systems for the generators. We are not going to be 100% electricity independent, but our needs will be quite modest compared to the hospital's needs beforehand. Cher has also donated richly...she has created a trust fund for finding housing for patients in Duarte. She sent us an open letter:

Nobody who is facing Cancer, AIDS, Auto-Immune disorders or any of the other grave diseases City of Hope treats should have to live in tents. I am establishing funds to keep the patients who are well enough to live off-site the ability to do so. Housing should be the least of your worries.

Wow. In all this insanity, with gasoline at $7.11, we are still cared for and cared about. Maybe the world won't entirely cave in.

Things are not all sunshine and roses other places: there was a so-called "accident" where a US Navy fighter-bomber dropped its load of conventional bombs on Southern LA. Ground Zero was Watts, where there has been sporadic rioting over the last couple of weeks. The fighter took off at Miramar and supposedly was on its way to Point Mugu when it "lost its cargo." Bullpuckey. This was intentional. If it really was following that path, it would have dropped the bombs over the ocean. Or on Palos Verdes, Santa Monica, LAX, or Pedro. This is too far inland. This was NOT an accident. This was a deliberate attack by the Bush Administration on Americans.

Fearless prediction: this is going to touch off a firestorm. Particularly in areas of high concentrations of African-Americans and/or Latinos.

I'm mad. Really mad.

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