Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lt. Jeremy Logan: patsy or rogue?

(August 27, 2007)

Conveniently, Lt. Jeremy Logan, USN Naval Aviator, has been arrested and thrown into the brig for the release of the two bombs over Watts. There have been hints from official channels that there are other suspects, both junior officers and enlisted Naval personnel, who are being questioned in connection with a possible White Supremacist cell at Miramar Naval Air Station.

However, this official explanation is lacking in a few things. Why was Logan cleared to take off? Why was he sent on a mission like this? Why would a fully armed fighter-bomber be sent on a trip from San Diego to Point Mugu, near Ventura? Over land? Why would this be done in a situation where jet fuel is so expensive?

The death toll and count of the injured has been slow in coming, thanks to the current crisis and the absence of a central trauma center in Southern LA. King-Drew Medical Center was not a great place, but it provided a place for the treatment of trauma close to where the bombs were dropped. The facility has been re-opened temporarily to handle the victims, and is staffed by US Military medics. Tentative estimates are between 1,500 and 2,000 dead, with 5,000 injured. This will rank as the worst case of mass murder by one person in the history of the United States, and the second most serious case of terrorism on US soil.

Lt. Logan, for his part, says he was following orders from superior officers, right down to dropping the bombs on American soil. He also disavows membership in any White Supremacist organizations or any hatred of African Americans or Latinos. I don't know what or who to believe.

And yes, there have been riots as word gets out about this event. And yes, the damage to local infrastructure is severe, and will impair regional availability of a wide variety of goods. Metro has announced that the Green and Blue light rail lines are closed until further notice, and that the 105 and 110 freeways have been badly damaged. Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific have also confirmed the destruction of "a significant amount" of railroad track in the area, including two miles of the Alameda Freight Corridor.

This is serious stuff.


Elmer said...

I went ballistic when I heard this story, so did damn near everyone in the crowd downtown. I can hear them from here. Now I'm hearing reports that this pilot guy is a nutcase, he thinks he did bomb LA, but he jettisoned his wing fuel tanks according to a report on the radio. Real, or is that just more plausible denial from the gummint? The news stories last night were saying that a whole block was demolished but the pictures aren't there. Are you getting more info about this? All I can get is that the whole area is locked down and nobody is talking.

Michelle Klein-Hass said...

I don't know much either...I posted all that I know.

My suspicions is that Logan is a patsy, and that this was a decision made higher up.

Remember Lynndie England and the rest of the Abu Ghraib guards, and how they was hung out to dry as the scapegoats, and how General "Dirty" Sanchez was able to bail from control of Iraq operations without answering for Abu Ghraib?

Lt. Logan might be a sick fsck but he's no mastermind. Someone was pulling his strings. Someone who wants to make it harder for LA to resupply itself.

I can't emphasise enough just how bad losing the Alameda Rail Corridor and the 110 is. It's the only two ways to get stuff from the ports into LA proper. Alameda Rail Corridor was the most crucial link due to regulations on truckers. There's vital spurs that come off the ARC in Watts.

I'm going to go out on a limb here. This was a deliberate act. And the chain of command on this goes all the way up to the C in C.