Monday, May 14, 2007

Trying to tie up loose ends and move things into real time

(August 19, 2007)

OK, what happened between July 16th to August 6th?

I'll run it by as bullet points, because things are moving so quickly now I can't just cut and paste anymore.

  • July 20, morning: KTLA Channel 5 did a remote for its Morning News here. They got to hang around with and talk with doctors, nurses, and even a few patients.
  • July 22: visit to Target. We were able to get a real air bed, (which came with a battery powered pump) a foot pump (get real, batteries will probably be all gone soon) and some sheets and a comforter. The cots are horrible on the back. This is mushy but sleepable. Things are getting somewhat thin but there are still decent stocks of most stuff. Except for camping gear and bottled water.
  • July 23: Richie is now officially in remission. Joy!
  • July 27-ish: Felix makes landfall. Unclear how FEMA response is working out, but you would expect that it's TEXAS for crissake and there are too many Bush family friends there to not pour on the aid goodness. Can you say Bush Rangers? I knew you could.
  • August 1st: a foraging run to Wal*Mart (yeah I know, ugh) found it very tapped. Weird...the place is one of those huge ones that seem to go on for miles and miles.
  • August 2nd: Woodbury "regretfully" cancels Fall 2007 classes. I am one of the people who are going to get their diploma for existing work. I have enough credits to where it's not going to weaken my transcript too much. However, when, where or if I will finish my education, Goddess only knows.

And now to the news. A "Town Hall Meeting" for patients and caregivers at City of Hope happened yesterday, ending up with a disarmament plan, revelation of a plan to build somewhat more permanent family housing on campus to replace the tents, and plans to set up a hydroponic gardening facility to augment the food supply the facility brings in daily. There are a few very wealthy individuals who have been digging in deep to make sure the place continues. There is no, repeat, no triage plan in place...yet.

The stocks of Richie's chemo drugs are still fairly good, and there are plans afoot to manufacture just enough of some of them on-campus. However, this assumes a lot of things. The power grid not completely collapsing, or somehow CoH becoming self-sufficient. The availability of the chemicals and biologicals needed. And so on.

Summing things up: we are in a holding pattern.

Oh yeah, surprise surprise. Jim Smith, a friend of ours with roots in East TX, was able to finally reach his dad. FEMA came in like gangbusters. Would Bush disappoint his buddies in the region? I don't think so. Jim's dad is safe. Good.

However, things are not so great for my buddy in Goleta, happycube. The little beachside hamlet of La Conchita is now a burnt-out cinder. Someone got cute and horded gas. Now the train tracks are out for the Surfliner and the 101 is out of commission. The Central Coast is now officially cut off from SoCal. Groovy.

The fences are up. They have a topping of razor wire. That's a bit disconcerting. But I suppose we're safer. Unless someone comes by with boltcutters.

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